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North Fork Maquoketa Headwaters is a 27,727-acre subwatershed of the 592-square-mile North Fork and 1,879-square-mile (1.2 million acres) Maquoketa River basins.

Originating in Clayton County north of Holy Cross and Luxemburg and flowing through New Vienna, the watershed is 0.78 percent urban, 94.5 percent agricultural and 4.7 percent woodland.

The North Fork from section 18, Concord Township, in Dubuque Co. to its confluence with Bear Creek is listed on Iowa EPA Section 303(d) impaired waters list (Part two – one or more pollutants and Part five – biologically impaired).

The 2002 Iowa Department of Natural Resources Section 303(b) water quality assessment report identifies that aquatic life uses are “not supported”, based on numbers and types of macroinvertibrates and fish species collected.

The watershed ranks near the highest of 25 similar-size Maquoketa subwatersheds for delivery of sediment, phosphorus and bacteria in Iowa DNR and Maquoketa Alliance-coordinated monitoring.

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