MRBI watershed program’s second year, 2011;
quarterly info meetings planned

(Sept. 6, 2011) In its second year the Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI) made $1.34 million in EQIP money available to the three watersheds of the north fork of Maquoketa River above Dyersville.

Of this $639,336 was directed towards projects in Coffee Creek and North Fork Maquoketa watersheds.  Another $35,160 was provided for nutrient management plans in the watershed.

Hewitt Creek programs accounted for $440,105, including nutrient management plans, and Bear Creek $229,025, also including nutrient management plans.

Matthew Welsh of the Dubuque NRCS office in Epworth visited Hewitt and North Fork watershed councils in August to give details on the 2011 program.

Practices that are planned for implementation this fall are cover crops on highly erodible ground, waterways, terraces, nutrient management plans, water sediment control basins, manure storage structures, and roofed buildings. Numerous supporting practices are also being constructed or implemented.

Welsh told the group that 14 nutrient management plans are in use by producers in the Coffee Creek- North Fork Maquoketa River and Hewitt Creek watersheds

Producers who have applied nutrient management reporting in 2012 should start making notes and documentation of applications starting this fall, Welsh said.  For more information, contact the NRCS office at 563.876.3418.

Welsh also said there are plans to hold regular MRBI project meetings quarterly.  The most likely site is the Dyersville library, he added.  Planning suggests that each meeting would be devoted to workshops or guest speakers – about half the time – and administrative and technical issues – about one quarter of the time for each. Meeting dates will be finalized soon, and notices will go out to watershed landowners and operators.

Welsh said previous meetings were lightly attended but admitted that they were also lightly publicized.

The three MRBI watersheds contain about 75,400 acres. The creeks join in Dyersville.

Denitrifying bioreactor installed in 2011 on farm of Ernie Goebel near New Vienna.

Pay-for-results concept tested – Feedstuffs article

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